dead men tell no tales

July 24, 2021 ???


sub-T giga-carnivore, sightless, cunning, hibernates

HD 8 AC 11, sprawling mass of flesh, redundant organs Attack miles-long bony tentacles, pocked with ear openings Damage lashing tentacle d6; cathedral-sized rostrum Special clicking: echolocates prey hyperacusis: extremely sensitive to loud noises, ~120 decibels or more ultrametabolism: recovers 2hp/turn

July 24, 2021 bioweapon proliferation



July 15, 2021 ??? WIP


Bone Thugs N Harmony

Guns don’t kill [REDACTED]: High-quality ammo, longer barrel lengths, and rapid rates of fire do.1

Assume od&d-like rules:

  • Deal 1d6 damage per hit. In addition, roll the ammunition’s lethality die. On a 6+, triple the total damage dealt.
  • Roll damage twice and keep the lower result if a shooter is pushing out to ranges their weapon and cartridge isn’t designed for, e.g. 9x19 and a Glock at rifle ranges.
  • Most humans are HD 1-2, peak humans are 3 or 4. [REDACTED] are HD 5 or more.

Caveat emptor: Haven’t tested this yet.



9x19 (Beretta 92, Glock 17, Browning Hi-Power, etc) and .45 ACP (Colt 1911)

  1. 9x19, Tracer (T): 1d6 lethality, visible (green). Smart players jam a handful of these in the bottom of their mag so they know when they’re about to go dry.
  2. 9x19 Parabellum: 1d6 lethality, +1 damage.
  3. 9x19 Prototype: 1d6 lethality, overpressure: +2 damage and -2 attack penalty. Engineered for a certain high-speed counter-revolutionary warfare squadron.
  4. .45 ACP: 1d8 lethality.
  5. .45 ACP AP: 1d8 lethality, overpenetrate.
  6. .45 ACP, Iscariot’s Kiss”: 1d20 lethality. Mythic: Could kill an idea, if you knew where to aim.



5.56x45 (M-16 and CAR-15, Galil, M249, etc)

  1. Chinesium imitation: 1d6 lethality, looks like a reliable FMJ round: malfunction on nat 1 and 13.
  2. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): 1d6 lethality, overpenetrate.
  3. M196 Tracer (T): 1d6 lethality, visible (red). Incendiary, think dry foliage and bushes.
  4. ████: Sub-sonic, polymer-encased round favoured by Circus scalphunters. -2 damage and reduced range, utterly silent when suppressed. Underpowered: stoppage on nat 1 and 13.
  5. Super Performance Round (SPR): 1d8 lethality, fragments reliably: +1 damage. Issued on a trial basis to Five Eyes special operations outfits.
  6. Russian Ideomaterial Penetrator (RIP): 1d10 lethality, +█ damage against SOVIET REALIST-class threats, Save after exposure or [COMPARTMENT TF JALE EYES ONLY]. Experimental cartridge for use by Paracausal Activities Division’s field teams.


5.45x39 (AK-74, RPK, Vepr, etc)

  1. Fell off the back of a backwater Eastern Bloc supply truck: 1d6 lethality, low-quality powder: malfunction on nat 1 and 13.
  2. Patron Stalnoi (PS): 1d6 lethality.
  3. Trassirushii (T): 1d6 lethality, visible.
  4. Broneboi’niy Trassiruyuschiy (BT): 1d8 lethality, visible (green).
  5. Broneboiniy Patron (BP): 1d10 lethality. +1 damage.
  6. яд”: Proto-ideomaterial cartridge, casings dissolve within 2d6 minutes. 1d6 lethality, parasitic: deal damage to CON. Survivors must Save or [REDACTED].

  1. Debt of gratitude to Kevin Crawford for his Slaughter Die rules, and brain-rotting video games like Escape from Tarkov and Cruelty Squad. And Yottagoblin—as usual—for SOVIET REALISM and ideomaterials.↩︎

July 12, 2021 table WIP


Let’s have a clean fight. Protect yourself at all times. Touch hands. Back to your corners.

They need a replacement for this bout, quick. There’s a lot of money favouring the other guy.

He has:

  1. A chin and hands like granite, walks into punches.
  2. A fast jab and slick elusiveness, brow cuts easy.
  3. Sharp ring IQ, counterpuncher: lulls you into patterns, but getting old and has weak legs.
  4. Zero scruple, fights loose and dirty (cuts with elbows, low blows, headbutts, punches you in the back of the head), keeps his hands down.
  5. Utterly offbeat punch selection from non-euclidean angles, fancy, no grit.
  6. 26–24–2, but 1-in-6 chance he’s trained every day, eaten nothing but pain and suffering, and you’re gonna be the comeback story (roll 1-5).

They’re fighting because of:

  1. FAMILY: They need to put food on the table for their 2d6 kids.
  2. CRIME: The local mob wants them to throw the fight (KO, third round).
  3. SAVAGERY: They were born in the wrong era, know no other way to live.
  4. AMBITION: They’re going to be world champ, you’re just a road-bump.
  5. FADING GLORY: They used to be something special, they need to prove they’re still hot shit.
  6. ██: This is the only way to get to the PC, they’re going to murder them with their bare hands. No hard feelings.
June 10, 2021 table


There are countless safehouses in this splintering country. In the sunburnt south there is an unprosperous villa, some thirty-odd minutes from the city limits.

Passing patrols, enforcing the midnight curfew, take no notice. Their eyes glaze and wander over its sprawling estate, lulled into harmless directions.

The acreage’s title is held by a trust. The paper trail begins and terminates in the Walpurgisnacht Islands.

The whitewashed domicile crouches over an abandoned plantation. Its fountains are still, and loose-pebble paths unkempt with weeds, but there is no graffiti. (The local children think this place is haunted. More daring youths swear they’ve seen a shade, watching from the narrow windows).

The double doors are locked and barred from inside, the sage-green paint is peeling and there is no knocker. A stained chimney sprouts from the roof.

Inside its walls, the interior does not match its external dimensions. Strangely long hallways lead to:

  • Empty rooms filled with covered furniture, gilded portraits of long-dead patricians, dust, and shadows.
  • A sooty hearth. Two chairs and an undusted table: There is a chessboard but no pieces, and a yellow Bakelite telephone.
  • A cavernous library. Immaculate shelves filled with hardbound books. None of them are written in any immediately-recognisable languages. They are filled with pages of undecipherable script.
  • There is a mildewed basement, accessible by a cramped, short flight of stairs. They are warded with enlargening spells. Behind a creaky door: Rows of neatly-stacked crates marked in cyrillic. They contain outdated longarms, chambered for an obscure round, but no ammunition.
  • A garage filled with the bones of old automobiles.
  • A sun-warmed kitchen. Well-stocked, facing the distant sea. The only place that feels lived in.
  • There are secret tunnels, carved in the war by partisans, which lead back to the city. They bypass the checkpoints and the searchlights. They may be infested with worse things than the secret police, their informer-networks, and the regime thought-seers.

There is a burned agent (HD 2, shawled magic-user, beautiful, waiting to die?) accompanied by a half-blind basset hound (1 hp, extremely agreeable). They look to be in their mid-20s, were it not for their impossibly old hands, and their well-creased fingers turning the pages of a well-loved tome.

ᴛᴇʟᴇᴘʜᴏɴᴇ ʀᴇᴄᴏɢɴɪᴛɪᴏɴ sɪɢɴᴀʟ: Care for an impromptu supper with old friends?”
ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛᴇʀsɪɢɴ: Arrange meeting at an interval starting with odd number.
ᴅᴜʀᴇss: Arrange meeting at an interval starting even with an even number.

They are waited upon by a majordomo (HD 3, trusted right-hand, drier than the desert). They are bound to the estate’s thresholds by blood oath. Often toiling in the kitchen. Sometimes they can be heard hunting in the fields with a shotgun. Its boom is starkly different to the infrequent rifle cracks further away, which no longer disturb the birds watching from the dying trees.

June 6, 2021 WIP



SITREP: This author is working with the exceptionally talented and excellent ███████████, ████ ███████, and ███████████ to produce a ████. Art by █████. Keep your ears to the ground.

April 18, 2021 ???



  1. An impeccable set of end user certificates. They relate to a shipment of enough war materiel to arm a third-world army, due for an obscure country in ██████████ that was only created in the mid-20th Century as a diplomatic convenience. There are no commercial flights in or out of this country.
  2. Financial records for a lossmaking IT multinational’s subsidiary, due to be acquired by a low-profile Hong Kong company (“Chang-li Ltd”). The byzantine accounts suggest it is specialised in AI-driven translation with an office in the Middle East. 1/day analysis: It is kept afloat by ludicrously vast cash injections made every lunar eclipse.
  3. Swiss shelf company extract: Established a few months ago, owned by a shell company domiciled in Singapore. 1d6/day analysis: Any efforts to trace the Singapore parentco will find it’s fake, and its address resolves to an unoccupied office except for a red Bakelite telephone blackened with dried blood. It is unconnected. It will unceasingly ring once the PCs enter the premises.
  4. A partially redacted sheet of paper outlining a complex ritual for entering the Shadow Market, a blacker-than-black bazaar—linked to the Laroche Organisation—that operates 24/7 in L-space1. A traveller could procure anything there in exchange for services-in-kind, but only if they safely transport it back to the physical world.
  5. Penned minutes: Summarising the meeting of a criminal conspiracy2. The 1d6+1 participants are given vaguely colour-based worknames: WHITE, VIOLET, ULFIRE, PERIWINKLE, SAGE, AMBER, and JALE. It appears to be a wildly profitable enterprise. 1/week analysis: Single piece of actionable intel; a heavily-fortified compound in ██████████.
  6. ℐ𝓁 𝒸𝓇𝒶𝒸𝒽ℯ𝓇ℴ𝓃𝓉 𝒹ℯ 𝓁ℯ𝓊𝓇𝓈 𝓉ℴ𝓂𝒷ℯ𝓈: A rubber-banded sheaf of schematics for MIDNIGHT CRAWL (spell: Speak with Dead). Handwritten in French, scrawled with indecipherable diagrams, and irrelevant marginalia including Chinese take-out orders and shopping list reminders.
  7. Typewritten, blood-splattered memoirs by Anonymous’: Incomplete. Author claims to have been a researcher sub-contracted by OGA to investigate abnormal cognition and psychokinetics (ref. sᴛᴀʀ ɢᴀᴛᴇ, aka ɢᴏɴᴅᴏʟᴀ ᴡɪsʜ, etc). All subjects proved ineffective except for ██████████ ██████████ who was forcibly removed from the ███████ by heavily-armed federal agents masked with white balaclavas (HD 2, they’re not federal agents).
  8. Bullet-pointed instructions, all-caps, dot-matrix print: Notes for placating a sprawling supercomputer that prefers to be addressed as 𝖒𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖈𝖍 (HD ∞, devourer). These papers outline, with banal precision, the exact procedure in which human sacrifices are to be made before it ██████████████████████████████████████████████████3.

  1. Liminal Space. That which is not Physical Space, or P-space. Readily identified by its non-observance of the laws of physics and instantiation of widely-accepted mythographies.↩︎

  2. Roll 1d6 to determine what they’re up to: (1) Drug trafficking; (2) Arms smuggling; (3) Transaction re: stolen esoteric material; (4) Money laundering; (5) Bioweapons proliferation; (6) Bribery of a head of state, to ensure they look the other way while (1-5) is conducted in their country.↩︎

  3. Moloch covets coolling via the blood of hanged men. Credit goes to Franky and Yottagoblin for this one. Don’t worry, I have plans.↩︎

April 7, 2021 table


— Kendrick Lamar, DNA

Attribution: @0.dte

There are no fighters. There are soldiers.


1 Human, trained 0 13 15 17 17
2 Human, professional 2k 13 15 17 17
3 Human, elite 4k 12 14 16 14
4 Human, legendary 8k 12 14 16 14
5 Parahuman, minor ① 16k 11 12 14 12
6 Parahuman, major ② 32k 11 12 14 12
7 Parahuman, perfect ③ 64k 11 12 14 12
8 Abhuman, monster ④ 120k 10 11 13 11
9 Apotheotic candidate1 240k 8 9 11 9
10 God, lesser ██ ██ ██ ██ ██



Soldiers are adapted to violence and discomfort (start first level with 10 hitpoints adjusted by CON modifier).

They are vigilant (+1 initiative).

Soldiers are proficient in the use of weapons including their bare hands (use all weapons and armour without penalty; gain +1 to target and +1 damage)2.

They are conditioned for speed, surprise, and violence in close quarters battle (cleave; unused damage is transferred to nearby target).


Choose or roll 1d4 at first, fourth, and eighth level:

  1. HARD: Gain +1 AC.
  2. SHARP: Gain an additional +1 initiative.
  3. VICIOUS: Gain +1 damage.
  4. LUCKY: Gain +1 saving throw bonus.


Fifth to eighth level: Humanity’s greatest soldiers are fourth level. Any XP gained beyond fourth level is banked and cannot be spent to progress towards fifth level3, unless ██████████████████████ and ██████████████. This costly choice cannot be undone. The number indicated is a malus to a parahuman operator’s reaction rolls and agent handling checks, but also a bonus to ██████████████████████.

Ninth to tenth level: Refer to Operation ʙxᴀɢᴏɴɪsᴛ.

Handling Notes

In comparison civilians generally have 1 hp with a +1 bonus, and save on 17+.

It is entirely possible to remain at fourth level, and then spend 232k XP to advance to ninth level. Advancing to tenth level is a touch more complicated.

The pursuit of parahumanity has costs but also benefits: namely abilities, accessed through in-game contacts and resources, that push the soldier’s performance envelope far beyond baseline.

You’re welcome to play call of duty modern warfare (2019) with me, luke gearing. Thanks for the malus idea. Thanks to Yottagoblin for coming up with god-as-asset and being such a gracious lazy muse.

  1. To achieve apotheosis, carve out the still-beating heart of a god and consume it before the Selection Cadre.
    N.B. there are other ways of ascending.↩︎

  2. Perishable bonuses to combat-related checks can be acquired by training in between operations, thereby keeping your reflexes and skillset sharp.↩︎

  3. This banked XP can be spent on loyal agents and callsigns.↩︎

April 3, 2021 class WIP


Look for the right kind of leader, with the power to make unpopular decisions: If there are none to be identified they must be created. If they cannot be controlled they must be conciliated, and as a last resort they must be overthrown.

When in-country, roll 1d6 for the flavour of the week on page two:

1. [MILITARY] They make constant threats to invade. Run war games in neighbouring countries (e.g. fighter jets conduct joint training exercises over the border). Use mercenaries, assassins, and saboteurs as proxy forces (whether funded independently or by one’s allies or puppet states, usually through intelligence funds controlled directly by the chief executive).

2. [ECONOMIC] They punish the target country through embargos and boycotts (exacerbating skyrocketing inflation rates and plunging currency reserves), and apply covert banking measures (encouraging banks to act against their commercial interest: to call in loans, engineer defaults, and denigrate the country’s credit in international financial markets).

3. [DIPLOMATIC] They induce allies to expel the country’s ambassadors and force the country to turn to the opposition for support. The country can then be labelled ███████ and therefore build support for its operations against them.

4. [POLITICAL] They insert covert operators to ruin peace initiatives, spread disinfo, engineer and manipulate public opinion, ghostwrite for the opposition, generously support fundamentalists to proselytise, and if the country is so vain or stupid as to hold a free election, well.

5-6. [ABYSSAL] When deemed expedient they delve into Subtellurian Compartmented Interrogation Facility-56 and hail ʙxᴅᴜᴘʟᴇxɴᴇᴏɴ (HD ∞, Magog). This hemi-god asset requires amusement via ritual murder/consumption of a randomly-selected sixth-floor manager. Upon receipt of favourable omens, the OGA Paracausal Activities Division deploys a special mission unit (HD 8 compartmented element: ʙxᴠᴏʀᴘᴀʟɢᴏʙʟɪɴ1). The newspapers will not report signs of their passage. You will know if they come for you.

Sources: Larry J. Kolb - Overworld, Owen L. Sirrs - The Egyptian Intelligence Service

  1. The dreadful outcome of a century at war. Cannibal commandos in multicam black: Where they go, none return.
    HD 8 monstrous abhuman, red eyes black rifles 1d10+1 and grenades, move double normal man, save as soldier, ML 9, appear 4, 1/round: cast any first to fourth-level spell when they hold initiative. Always accompanied by UAV (3 hp, all-seeing, fuel 8hrs), will cast Wizard Eye if downed or min fuel. They can only operate in the dark.↩︎

March 31, 2021 mammon



The following is a fragment from partially-destroyed Circus records, linked to the Extraordinary Relations desk:

There is a languorousness in his movements, in his work, though perhaps not his mocking laughter. Do not confuse this with weakness.

Cambridge was a shit-stained Roman fort when he counselled kings and queens and lectured on matters of science. It was an unworked patch of mud when he was born into the world. Little wonder he outwitted the Russians and the French, and saw through their paper-thin promises for Sagallo.

Admittedly it does not take a prophet to see through crude lies. He could foresee the trajectories of their gunboats’ shells—clear as light, certain as gravity—always guiding kith and kin to safety just in time. He saw off the Americans and their ███weapons, too, during the late unpleasantness at █████████████████████████.

There is no ceremony or componentry needed for him to invoke this second sight.

He will accept money but make no mistake: It will give you no power over him. Consider it a sign of due respect, rather than an instrument of control.

You might think to test him but he will always have your measure first. He will either help you or he will not. His decisions are final.

Either way, his coffee is remarkably good (treat as Cure Light Wounds).

Kasolo Gannibal”
Tea Stall Owner in New Sagallo, Djibouti (Unageing Witness of Fate, Ally of Humanity)
7 hp, move normal, ML 12 unblinking and perfect amid chaos, cowled and bare-chested, can see the future: 1/session may give correct answer to a question or translate an esoteric text

Recognition Signal: Any paper of record. Write 5,000” in the crossword.
Recognition Phrase: Is there a chance this is beer?” / I cannot work miracles, my friend.”

attribution: artwork by Piotr Jabłoński

March 24, 2021 agent




  1. Cars are deathtraps: Roll d10 + highest hit bonus, give +1 if the shooters are at close range. On 7+, the vehicle is completely written-off. Save v Death for passengers, roll with advantage for persons hiding behind the vehicle. On 6 or less, fragments of metal and glass fly everywhere: apply d6 damage for each shooter.
  2. There is a gentleman’s agreement between the Big Five to use different coloured chalk to signal a dead drop is loaded or a inter-dimensional route cleared for travel1. This agreement is one of the first things to be thrown out the window once a scrap’s on.
  3. Money is not at the root of all evil. US hegemony was assured by secret treaty with Mammon (HD ∞, the Rapacious Maw) on 7 January 1782. This convenant holds. For now.
  4. Attention to detail is your best weapon; they are always paying attention to you.
  5. Syndrome V originated from disastrous Polygon research supporting deep-space exploration. How many test subjects (HD 10, biomodified parasites) escaped from the subterranean closed cities in Siberia and the disease’s communicability remain questions of intense interest. Credible reporting suggests carbon-tipped rounds and gas grenades with concentrated allicin are the only effective countermeasures against them.
  6. Travelling between physical and liminal space involves jealously-guarded superstition and lessons learned. There are two operational principles: Debts must always be squared, and signs will always be left of your passing. La Piscine thugs have perfected blood sacrifice with ornate knives (1d20 hp per HD transported), while OGA pipehitters always have a bundle of bills and a lighter at hand (1d20 x 666 USD equivalent burned per HD transported).2
  7. Only a rank amateur murders the opposition3. Consummate professionals build their way to the top.
  8. The Hotel Obscura stands alone on a misty isthmus adrift between physical and liminal space. It is neutral ground for the Big Five. Gorgo Laroche (HD 8, medusa crime boss) ensures business can always be conducted here safely without fear or favour. She’s always a little torn up about her latest lover (1 hp, statement piece). Strictly members only.
  9. Most places are simple enough codependencies of interest. It is usually prudent to get your bearings by finding the seams.
  10. ᴅᴜɴɢᴇᴏɴs are hardened spaces—whether physical or liminal—that contain treasure: reality-bending secrets, strategic rituals, forbidden technology, or ██████████. Highly-motivated and highly-trained teams make it their business to crack these clandestine complexes and retrieve these assets, preferably undetected.
  11. Certain banks are only open from 0000 to 0400, and require appointments to be made prior to consultation. They will ask no questions and extend a credit line that can be drawn upon in any reality, but typically expect 1d12+4 hp worth of the PCs’ blood as surety. This hitpoint debt cannot be healed until the funds are repaid with 10+d20% interest.
  12. Decisively breaking line of sight with the enemy will generally grant you surprise. This is a two-way street.
  13. Old Man Yuri is something of a legend. His every iteration (HD 5, tongueless wanderer with nothing) has no interest in geopolitics, cataclysmic events, money. They all just want to kill monsters. More, the better.
  14. Friends don’t ask questions they don’t need the answers to.
  15. An operation to crack a ᴅᴜɴɢᴇᴏɴ can succeed or fail by the quality of your fixer. Choose well and compensate them fairly to ensure they procure what you need when you need.
  16. Disciplined teams conduct liminal and physical surveillance detection runs, backstopped by friendly networks. Brazen teams will run through one of the many apocalyptic zones claimed by the likes of Mammon or, worse, ██████████.
  17. Always assume the opposition is present. The opposition always has a finite budget.
  18. Feral black cats make for the best surveillance teams. Make sure you recruit a clowder that isn’t on someone else’s network.
  19. Everyone is a potential agent, whether they are or not, whether they know it or not. An operational weakness is not optional.
  20. Done right, there is scant difference between speed/surprise/violence of action, tradecraft, and the occult.

Attribution: James Hart Dyke

  1. The coldest war is being fought across the dimensions of Time, Space, and Ideas. They can be temporarily mastered at the right place, the right moment, and for the right price.↩︎

  2. This means you can leave a part of yourself behind, and collect it on your return trip.↩︎

  3. Killing isn’t the problem. Killing is easy.↩︎

March 20, 2021 table


— Vince Staples, Lift Me Up

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

If you get hit, check CON to cowboy up and keep bringing the fight to them.

At 0 hitpoints, Save v Death. On a success, you are critically wounded and regain 1 hitpoint. Roll on the following table to determine where the critical wound is located:1

1d6 Hit Location Effect
1 to 2 Legs Casualty: [BLEED] or [FRACTURE]. Halve movement and stealth scores
3 to 4 Arms Casualty: [BLEED] or [FRACTURE]. Affected limb is impaired
5 to 6 Thorax Casualty: [BLEED]
6/62 Head Fatality: Dead

If the damage die is evens, you have the [BLEED] condition and have 1d6 rounds until you bleed out.

If the damage die is odds, you have the [FRACTURE] condition. Your limb cannot be used.

Item Effect
ANALGESICS +1d6 hitpoints
CHEST SEAL Treats thorax [BLEED]
TQ Treats limb [BLEED]
COMBAT STIM 1d8+1 hp for an hour and treats [BLEED] and [FRACTURE]
Save v Biohazard or permanently lose -1 CON

Thanks to Lungfungus for his feedback and expertise as a first ed rules guru and medical professional. All mistakes or issues are my own.

  1. HARD MODE: If you are critically wounded, you drop with no further explanation. It’ll take someone else performing first aid to assess your condition.↩︎

  2. A result of 6 indicates a thorax wound. Roll d6 again. On another 6, the attack instead connects with the victim’s head, and they are instantly killed. Pro-tip: Wear a helmet.↩︎

March 15, 2021 rules


Protocols derived from the primeval dealmaker. Save v Critical Breach Event (CBE).

I̶̠͍͗̊̎ͅM̸̨̩̐̆A̵͕̘͘G̶̢̛̮̏͠Ị̶̱̜̐̀͒Ṅ̴̨̢̹͐͠Ả̷̹͙̕Ŗ̴͓̮̓Y̶̥͓̟͂̊̾ ̶̣̀̈́͝P̴̡͐̂A̷̡͒̋͜L̵͍̂͘E̶͉͝ ̵̼̎̓̆F̵̛̤̀Ị̵̲͐Ŕ̴̡͜E̵̡̙̅ ̴̒͂͜
███████████████████████████████████████████████████ ██████████████████████████████████████████████████.

N̶̫̈́ͅȮ̴͕̯̈̈́Ŕ̷̻͓͜Ṫ̸͚̗̉̍Ȟ̵̻̞̹̃E̷̩̟̥̅̅R̸̋͌ͅN̸̬̂̊ ̸̻̈́̍̈́͜Ḟ̶̧̛̮̗͊U̸̧͘L̵̦̎Ć̸͉͊Ř̴̘͌Ụ̸̢̈͆M̴̩͔͊
███████████████████████████████████████████████████ ██████████████████████████████████████.

̷͓̭͛̆̃B̵̭͇̃̏Ė̴̱̦̥L̸͗̏̇͜͜O̷̧̦͙͂͆͆N̴̡̗͛̈́Ģ̵͙̅͊Ǐ̴͓̓Ň̷͕̤̠G̵̦̟͕̃̎͆ ̶̭̦̓K̵͉̻̃͛̏Ĭ̸̛̪̯̐N̷̦͑Ǵ̷̞̳
███████████████████████████████████████████████████ ██████████████████████████████████.

Ê̵̤̭͔̏P̸̺̥͒Ȋ̷̡͓Ĺ̷͉͕̦O̵̥̅̂͒G̶̮͔̈͗́Ų̷̀̍͜E̸̱̩͂̈́ ̸̮̳͌͗͝P̶͔̽L̶̫̣̉̍A̷̪͍͒̓̚T̷͙͚̿͛E̸̪̙̒̈́A̵͈̤̳̐̌Ü̷͕̋ ███████████████████████████████████████████████████ ██████████████████████████████████████████████████.

Ǘ̸̩̞͠Ṁ̴͕͜B̵̮͝R̴̩̀Á̴̼̾L̵͓̦̀̋ͅ ̸̗͎̃̽̌R̷͕̫̅͛E̶̪̣̅T̷̩͍͚̾͠Ḁ̷͌̽̊İ̶̥̆̑N̴̨̹͍͝E̵̙͛Ṟ̷͕̞̐̈́
███████████████████████████████████████████████████ █████████████████████████████████████████████████████.

̴̮̘̝̽̐̽B̸̩͕͕̓L̸̯̖̭͊Ę̸̩̀Ȃ̴̗̄͘K̷͎̻̏ ̶̡̩̈́͊H̸̡̲̾̐O̵̙͋͗̇Ǔ̸͈̼͘S̴͕̚E̵̬͑ ̸̸̹͊̈́̏̾

Ė̷͕̍P̷̬̪̉H̴̹̬͚̅̀́Ě̶̖̓͂M̴̱̓̅È̶̤̞̂̐R̴̟̆Å̸͔͒̕͜L̴̨̬̪͐̔͘ ̵̺̮̲̈́C̵͖͆L̵̻̲͈͑̒Ȃ̶̖̥͌͝D̶̬͌Ȩ̸̳̑ ̷̦͑͛/̷̼̼͌/̷̀

March 11, 2021 ???


Never get caught. Always protect your sources. It’s thankless work doing the wrong thing the right way.

Agents can do things and get to places you can’t. You can run as many agents as you want. You are only constrained by the time and effort it takes to manage them.

Agents are flesh and blood, with material needs and fears that keep them up at night. They need topping up, or else they’ll stop doing Tasks for you.

Roll on the following table when you Task them with something risky that could get them caught, or worse, ████████.

As a baseline, take +1 for each meaningful action invested into your agent since the last Tasking, and -1 for each time you’ve ignored a request made by your agent.

2d6 When you Task your agent
1-2 They burn you with the local opposition
3-5 They go to ground, and won’t do it even if you find them
6-8 They’ll do it, but need convincing
9-11 They’ll do it, no problems
12+ They’ll do it with relish, take +1 to the next Task

MICE: What is the agent’s fundamental motivation to work with you?

  1. Money: They need it, you supply it. The important question isn’t the money, but what it can buy them.
  2. Ideology: They believe in something, you make it possible for them to act on it.
  3. Coercion: They are boxed in a corner, only you can set them free.
  4. Ego: They need to be stroked, you’re the only one who truly knows their brilliance.

1d6 potential agents1:

  1. Office manager (1 hp, vastly underappreciated). Lives alone, is thinking about buying a cat. Knows where the bodies are buried. Has devised an ingenious filing system for the secret police that only she knows how to navigate.
  2. Waiter-slash-performance artist (1 hp, broke af) exploited at a high-end restaurant favoured by the minister of interior’s inner circle. Starving because of food shortages and security checkpoints. Will kick the tories in the shins for shits and giggles.
  3. Conspiracy theorist (1 hp, neckbeard): Supremely intelligent, feels like the universe is ignoring him, is actually onto something. His blog posts have picked up one of the five agencies’ attention.
  4. Family man (1 hp, white picket fence): At the end of his tether. Can’t make ends meet. Has a gambling problem. Unwittingly works next door to a deep-cover ████████ complex.
  5. Local hood (HD 1+3, lives with sick mum): Unwisely bought a nice sports car that really shoves on a loan with a ridiculous interest rate. Well connected with the local crime scene.
  6. Private banker (1 hp, has a trophy wife and early indications of cirrhosis). Master bedroom is no-man’s-land. Moves money for extremely bad people, doesn’t ask any questions.

  1. There is a not-insignificant chance they are opposition tools (HD 8, biomodified monsters) to put you out of play or counterintelligence specialists (HD 2, dead inside) working to flush your operation out into the open. Never trust, always verify.↩︎

March 10, 2021 rules agent


Super XL Caliber Anti-Monster Rifle (Super XL Caliber Round, reload 1, range 5km, deafening, bulky): Experimental Russian weapons system, reported lost during the troubles. Requires at least a turn to set up, another turn to dial in and aim. Take -2 if unassisted, -2 if no dope card prepared. On a successful targeting check, the target must Save v Death. On a success, they take 3d6 damage to a random hit location.

Super XL Caliber Round: Only Old Man Yuri knows how to make this specialised cartridge, and he only takes ██████████ as payment. A military-aged person can probably carry a number of these equal to their Strength modifier. Caveat: ████████████████████████████████████████████.

March 10, 2021 weapon


a b c d e f
1 OGA USA Head of the pack for now d20 Cut a deal with Mammon: Cash for XP1
2 The Circus GBR Fading d8 Rebuild from the ashes: Agents for XP
3 La Piscine FRA Savage d10 De facto criminal enterprise: Kills for XP
4 Polygon RUS Byzantine d12 Bio-experiments: Monster HD for XP
5 Chang-li Ltd CHN New to the game d6 Biding its time: Strategic Rituals for XP
██████ ███ ████████ d100 █████████████████ for XP

There are friendly countries there are no friendly ████████████ ████████.

  1. XP: X-RAY Points. Anyone with more than 1 Hit Die is a player in the Great Game. Full contact rules apply.↩︎

March 10, 2021 ???